People are always searching for the fast solution. The one that is going to give them the best results in the least amount of time, but never want to put in the necessary time and effort to get it done.

Unfortunately, nothing extremely great in life can happen overnight. There are some quick fixes that can give short boosts of confidence and make you feel a bit better about your current appearance, but true change takes time, effort, and determination.

The most efficient way to make change in your life is to take action as soon as you possibly can, so if you want to know what is the fastest way to lose weight, the short answer is to take action now, but what exactly does that entail?

taking action now

Quick Fixes

Just like anything in life, there are some quick fixes to help you temporarily “lose weight”. These techniques will focus on things that will help you make do in a pinch, like if you want to get a little extra tune up for something like a date or a trip to the beach.

The first thing you can do is stop eating heavy meals. Surprisingly, we always carry a few pounds worth of food in our digestive system on a regular basis. I am certainly not advocating to starve yourself, but clearing your digestive system through eating a few light meals (such as fruits, vegetables, or lean protein as opposed to heavier fats or carbs) leading up to an event might temporarily save you a few pounds and even help to reduce bloating.

muscle pump

Another quick fix can be to exercise a few hours before a certain event. You want to do exercises that will give you a “pump” as some people call it, or simply exercises that will tighten your muscles and keep them tight for an extended period. This might not necessarily save you any weight, but it will tighten your muscles which will give you a skinnier and more toned appearance.

However, these quick fixes cannot be prolonged. These tips will not help in the long run, and might even end up negatively effecting you. Instead, you need to develop a long term healthy lifestyle that can help you to achieve clean weight loss and produce much better results.

Create a Long Term Goal

The first and one of the most important steps is to create a long term goal. You must acknowledge where you are currently, and set a realistic goal for the future that you hope to achieve after a long period.

This should be a goal that you cannot achieve today, tomorrow, or even a week from now. A good long term goal will last long term planningmonths or even years depending on the goal itself, but it will be something that you can always have as a light at the end of the tunnel that you can continue to work for, and let motivate you throughout your time chasing it.

If you do not have a long term goal, you will be aimlessly drifting, doing work that may or may not be realistically helping you, and worst of all spending more time messing around trying to determine what you want for yourself in the future.

The most efficient way to make change is to set a goal up front and commit to that. Straying from this goal or constantly changing your direction will only eat up more of your valuable time.

Set Small Term Goals

Small term goals are also essential in the weight loss process. Once you have a long term goal, a series of short term goals are going to be most important to ensure that you are staying on track and staying motivated to reach your long term goal.

These short term goals should be quick, easily attainable goals that can be completed this week, tomorrow, or even today. The quicker your goals are, the more likely you will be able to achieve them because you will be more motivated to complete following short term goalssimple tasks.

Some good examples of short term goals would be “go for a run today” or “exercise 3 times this week” or even “eat only 1600 calories at least 5 times this week”. These goals can be repeated for weeks or months, but the main point is that they give you something tangible and achievable to keep you pointed in the right direction towards achieving your long term goal.

By messing around and wasting time through inappropriate short term goals or even lacking short term goals, you will only delay your progress and extend the amount of time it will take to achieve your ultimate goal.

Get Educated

The process sounds simple; set long term goal, set short term goals, achieve short term goals, and then you will lose weight and enjoy a better, healthier lifestyle. But how do you know where or what to do to start?

The best thing that you can do before setting any concrete goals is to do some research. Learn about weight loss. Take some time to gather as much information as you can about calorie deficit, nutrients, exercise, and everything else surrounding the topic to serve as a foundation for when you start to develop your goals. (a good place to start is this website!)

do some research

Having a good education is essential so that when you start to create your goals, you will be able to make sure that these goals are effective and efficient.

Now, I am not saying that you need to be an expert on every topic surrounding dieting and exercise as the best knowledge is acquired through trial, error, and action of all kinds. Though, if you were to go in to this situation blindly, you will most likely craft ineffective goals for yourself that might not work or even become counter-intuitive.

Attempting to go in to this situation blind can cause you loads of time. You might have to readjust your goals day after day for a week or more through trial and error, where if you just spend some time researching beforehand you could have found an effective goal on your first or second attempt. You might even come into a situation that forces you to retrace your steps before you can start to move forward, wasting even more time.

Bottom line is that, if you want to get things done as quickly as possible, invest some time before you take action so that when you have enough knowledge you can set effective and useful short term goals, helping you to achieve your final long term goals.

The Best Time to Start – Right Now

To conclude, there are things that you can do as quick fixes that will give some confidence and temporarily better your appearance, but true change and weight loss takes consistency, time, and motivation.

This may turn some people off. As I stated before, people are always searching for techniques that will take the least amount of time while giving the best results. They will spend lots of valuable time searching for one of these quick and ultimately ineffective techniques instead of just starting a smart and efficient lifestyle that will actually produce results.

With this being said, the fastest way to make change in your life is to start right away. There are no shortcuts or fast tracks to start todaysubstantial change, and the longer you continue to believe that there are, the more time that you will waste doing so.

If you want to make change as quickly as possible, start as soon as you possibly can. Set a long term goal, develop short term goals, and get started right away. The less defined your goals are, the more you will get distracted from your end goals which will in turn waste more time that you could be putting towards actual progress.

In its most simplicity, the fastest way to lose weight is to develop a long term plan for success, and work tirelessly towards achieving this goal, avoiding distractions as much as possible.

Do not get caught up searching for ineffective “quick” solutions, and be sure to develop short term goals that will ensure that you stay on track for ultimate success.

Per usual, if you have any questions, comments, or concerns, feel free to leave them in the comment section below, or send me an email with the same contents!

Until next time, stay safe, stay determined, and be sure to take action now else you are just wasting your time and delaying your own progress!

Best of luck,




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